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Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2010

Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards: The Quest for 2011 Nominees Begins



Once again the ICWA ceremony will be held in the context of the next International Day of Italian Cuisines (17 January 2011), more precisely during the already traditional New York IDIC Premiere (watch last year´s official video clicking above). The Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards were born to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, diffusion and preservation of Italian food and wine culture in their countries of residence or globally. The Awards, promoted by itchefs-gvci.com, are annually granted to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work done in the previous year or during their whole careers. The nominees´ selection process will start soon. The recipients will be chosen by GVCI Forum Associates (a Virtual Group of Italian Chefs of over 1200 members) and by an Panel of international professionals.

If you want submit a nomination or want to apply to be a member of the voting panel please fill in this form.


2010 Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards

Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards

The mission of the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards is to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, diffusion and preservation of the Italian food and wine culture in the countries they live in or in global context. The Awards, promoted by itchefs-gvci.com, are granted annually to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work performed during the previous year or their whole careers. The award receivers are nominated after a lengthy survey among the over 1000 GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) associates and selected by an international panel of professionals, which includes the President and Board of GVCI. Some of the awards are granted to Italian professionals who have distinguished themselves by the exceptional work they have done for the culinary and hospitality industry, while working outside Italy.







2010 GVCI Chef of the year

GIANFELICE GUERINI, Ferrari Formula 1 Team Chef


Lidia Bastianich, New York, USA

Lidia Bastianich

A new book, new participation in businesses promoting excellence in Italian food and wine, TV programs and many activities: once again, in 2009, as during the last three decades, Lidia made an exceptional contribution to the correct understanding of Italian Cuisine and culinary lifestyle.


Jamie Oliver, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Jamie Oliver

I should have been Italian. There is such diversity in lifestyles, cooking, traditions and dialects. This is why, as a chef, I find this country so exciting…”  These words of Jamie Oliver, the popular TV chef, rightly depict the deep attachment to Italy and its cuisine that the English TV Chef has had since the beginning of his career. Hundreds of thousands of TV viewers worldwide have been introduced to authentic Italian cuisine through Jamie Oliver’s words, recipes and dishes.  His commitment to Italian cuisine was particularly strong in 2009, with the further development of Jamie’s Italian venture in the UK, with the opening of many restaurants that use excellent made-in-Italy products at an affordable price. This commitment is scheduled to continue in 2010 in both England and Asia.


Roland Schuller, HONG KONG

Roland Schuller

Austrian born, based in Hong Kong, in 2009 Roland Schuller attained some of the greatest achievements open to chefs of Italian Cuisine. Besides being awarded the Michelin star last year – the only Italian restaurant in town to sport it – and succeeding with his new venture, the Drawing Room, he definitively confirmed his profile as a chef with a deep knowledge of both Italian culinary traditions and history, regardless of being neither born nor raised in Italy. The years he spent in Italy at the helm of one of the most renowned Italian restaurants and the partnership with his partner/colleague, Umberto Bombana, have been of fundamental importance for his career and today Roland is an example to be followed by the thousands of chefs and restaurateurs around the world, who want to open and/or run an Italian restaurant despite being neither born nor trained in Italy. His uncompromising commitment to tradition and to Italian ingredients of excellence is worth an unreserved praise by all Italian food lovers.


Maurizio Uggé, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Maurizio Uggé

Former top manager of an important Italian food business, Maurizio went to live in Australia in 1993. As a manager of a long operating importer of Italian products, above and beyond the commercial results he achieved, he contributed significantly to generate a cultural change towards Italian wines in Australia, from the cheap Chianti in raffia-covered bottles and the even cheaper anonymous Lambrusco in 1.5 litre flagons (regarded as the norm on Australian supermarket shelves and beverage shops) to the great variety and quality of today’s offer. Many Australian importers have followed his example and today his firm alone has a portfolio of over 350 wines from wineries such as Domenico Clerico, Planeta, Argiolas and Ca’ del Bosco.


Francesco Crisante, Caracas, VENEZUELA

Francesco Crisante

He is not a celebrity chef but he has spent his life to hold up the standards of Italian cuisine in Venezuela, the country that received the last vast wave of Italian migration. Francesco was himself a migrant, but a special one: he left Italy in 1957 in search of a better life as an already trained chef (he trained in Villa Santa Maria, Abruzzo, once known as the land of cooks). He was an unusual, almost unique case, among millions of Italian migrants who became chefs and restaurateurs in their new lands without having any training as such. For this reason he is the forerunner of the hundreds of Italian chefs, trained in Italy, and working abroad who have changed the history of Italian cuisine in the world. In the last ten years, Francesco and his family (in picture, with his daughter) have managed Vizio, arguably the best Italian restaurant in the Caribbean South America. He has also managed to survive the huge economic crisis that is swiping Venezuela, forcing the closure of hundred of restaurants in Caracas.


Giacomo Gallina, Milano, ITALY

Giacomo Gallina

Giacomo has recently returned to Italy, to work as Executive Chef in the ultra-trendy Gold restaurant by Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. He spent a good part of his career outside Italy and has left his mark around the world when he worked in top restaurants in many countries, including South Africa, France, in the US and Singapore. Most importantly, though, Chef Gallina, who has a humble and down-to-earth approach, is the highly regarded Master for dozens of Italian Chefs now working around the world. Besides managing Gold kitchens, Giacomo is also the consultant chef and food designer for many culinary establishments in Italy and is GVCI vice president


Rogerio Fasano, São Paulo, BRAZIL

Rogerio Fasano

Building upon the fame of Fasano in São Paulo, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in South America, and owned by his family, Rogerio in the last two decades has changed the history of Italian Cuisine in Brazil. Elegance, finesse, but also simplicity, quality and authenticity are the attributes of the cuisine in all the restaurants he has opened and owns; although they are diverse in their format, they are consistently Italian. Many of them, employ chefs and staff trained in Italy but Rogerio personally overlooks each and every venue. This is, perhaps, the secret of his success, along with the fact that he knows Italy and Italian culinary customs inside out. No one in South America, let alone in Brazil, has done so much for the correct understanding of the contemporary Italian culinary culture still deeply rooted in its tradition.



Onno Kleyn

Food writer and critic, Onno Keyn has possibly been the most qualified connoisseur of the Italian culinary culture in the Netherlands for long time now. His fame, which exudes copiously from his books and articles, is based on a thorough knowledge of Italy, its food and wine, its places, its history and traditions. What makes Onno special, however, is his commitment to educate the Dutch to recognize the best of Italian cultural expressions in the Netherlands, a country in which too often establishments providing Italian cuisine have been in the hands of unscrupulous, not to mention, incompetent operators.


Giorgio Locatelli, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Giorgio Locatelli

Through his books, his TV program, but above all, through his cuisine – authentically Italian – Giorgio Locatelli has made a tremendous contribution to the correct appreciation of Italian Cuisine in Great Britain. Giorgio, who was born on the banks of Lago Maggiore, in Northern Italy, grew up in his family’s Michelin-starred restaurant and before becoming possibly the best communicator of authentic Italian cuisine in the UK, he had gathered solid professional experience in international restaurants. Since 2002, his Locanda Locatelli has become a benchmark for quality Italian cuisine outside Italy. His business model still includes his constant presence at the Locanda and warm interactions with his customers – the same quality that made many Italian restaurants around the world successful. This model has perhaps limited the expansion of his business (only recently he gave his name to a venture in the Middle East) but it’s preserved the great essence of what he does.


Girolamo Panzetta, Tokyo, JAPAN

Girolamo Panzetta

Italian Cuisine has been so successful in Japan and particularly its big cities in the last couple of decades also thanks to Girolamo Panzetta, an Italian born architect who moved there in 1986. He has never worked as an architect or as a chef – actually, he admits that he isn’t a good cook – but he has been a formidable educator with his program on Nhk TV. Despite some apparent stereotypes he endorses, which helped him to maintain his fame among the Japanese, Giro-san – the name by which he is known in Japan – has always conveyed a correct message about authentic Italian cuisine, how to prepare it and how to enjoy it. Panzetta’s wife, Kikuko, has also played an important role in helping her husband in his effort to promote the Italian culinary culture.


Norbert Kostner, Bangkok, THAILAND

Norman Kostner

The career of this Italian chef, born and trained in Alto Adige, deserves great respect and praise. For over 35 years he has been at the helm of the kitchens of one of the most prestigious hotels in Asia, the Bangkok Oriental, which was once a Thai-Italian ownership. In this long period of time, Chef Norbert has gained the unconditional trust of the hotel guests and the respect of staff for his ethical and highly competent approach to his work, as supervisor of all hotel restaurants and catering operations. Superb connoisseur of French and Thai cuisine, Chef Norbert has worked with some of the most prestigious international chefs who have been at the Oriental as guests for special culinary performances. He has never forgotten his Italian roots though; on one hand, Italian culinary traditions have been always a fundamental part of his unmistakable personal cooking style, on the other, the values of his native land (Val Gardena) – frankness, honesty and strong attachment to work – have always guided his day-by-day actions.


Sirio Maccioni, New York, USA

Sirio Maccioni

Italian born (Montecatini Terme) restaurateur, Sirio Maccioni, is by now a living legend. Although his name is associated prevalently with one of the most famed French restaurants in New York (Le Cirque), he is already possibly the most successful example of what an Italian business man abroad can achieve in the field of hospitality. The long and intense career of Mr Maccioni, who is still strongly connected with his native Tuscany, deserves to be studied by everyone who, in particular, could benefit from understanding the way he's dealt with defecting chefs and demanding customers. He’s a living legend.