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Grana Padano

Rules of the Contest

Bavette con vongole, calamari, cozze e scampi, Yoshi Yamada, 2012 winner
  1. The Pasta World Championship (PWC) is a contest celebrating both the most important ingredient of Italian Cuisine and the talent of chefs of Italian Cuisine working outside Italy.
  2. The PWC is held during the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum 2012 (13-15 June 2013) and is reserved to Italian Cuisine Master Chefs, recognized as such by the CPIC (Certification of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine) Program.
  3. Each participant chef is required to cook and present a dish of pasta (durum wheat dry pasta) according to either a traditional /historic or original recipe of Italian Cuisine.
  4. Master Chefs who intend to compete in the PWC must apply by no lather than May 31, 2013 by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The application must contain:
    • Name and Surname of the Master Chef
    • Email address and contact phone number
    • Name of the dish to be presented
    • Recipe / Ingredients and Methods and some information on how the dish will be presented
  5. The PWC organizers reserve the right to reject applications that do not comply with the spirit or the rules of the contest.
  6. Each chef admitted to participate to the PWC must cook and present the pasta dish according to the submitted recipe, prepared in the facilities of Academia Barilla (Parma) that will provide pots, pans and basic cooking utensils. Contestants however may bring in their own utensils.
  7. Participants have 40 minutes for the preparation of their dishes. The PCW organizers will provide the basic ingredients required by the recipes. Any other special ingredients either for decoration or condiment must be brought in by the contestants.
  8. Each contestant will be provided with Barilla and/or Voiello pasta as required by the submitted recipe (if the chosen shape is not available the contestant has to submit an alternative).
  9. The competing dishes will be judged by a jury of 5 peers, experts and/or general public (invited) nominated by the organizers of the PWC. The names of the jurors will be made public only on the day of the competition.
  10. The jury will evaluate the dishes on the following criteria: trueness to the Italian Cuisine basic tenets, technique, presentation, taste.
  11. The competition will consist of two phases. In the first qualifying one (June 14, 2013) all registered chefs will compete according to the schedule prepared by the PWC organizers. The 4 competitors who will be given the highest score by the Jury will be admitted to the final of June 15, 2013. The finalists are allowed to present the same recipe of the qualifying phases.
  12. The PCW organizers reserve the right changing the schedule of the competition at any time according to the organizational needs.


The participants will be judged by a jury of a jury of peers and/or experts and/or general public (invited to the competition). The names of the jurors are secret and will be made public on the day of the competition.


The Championship winner will receive an artistic trophy representing a pasta mold, the symbol of Italian dry pasta. A trophy will be received by the finalists as well, while all contestants will receive a Diploma of participation.

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