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Grana Padano

MONDO LAMBRUSCO 2012: Forty Two Great Chefs for the World Renaissance of a Famous Wine

Quality Italian made Lambrusco was celebrated from May 14 to 20, 2012 by forty two talented chefs of Italian Cuisine in 15 countries (SEE THE LIST), during “Mondo Lambrusco 2012”. This was the second edition of the event, promoted by Enoteca Emilia Romagna in collaboration with www.itchefs-gvci.com, and once again had as a protagonist the famous wine from Emilia Romagna Region and, in particular, the best expressions of the terroir that produces it, which are flamboyantly juicy grapes with a dry finish, full of dark berry flavors and some hints of earthiness.

Lambrusco, the only red that must go in the refrigerator, is finally reaching more and more international markets. Far are the dark times of 20-25 years ago when the wine was considered more as a fruit juice than a wine. Things have changed thanks to the firm and long time commitment of many producers to improve the quality of their wines.

The achieved results are impressive, Lambrusco is living today its renaissance and Mondo Lambrusco is all about its celebration. The most known Italian wine around the world by far has travelled mainly with Italian Cuisine. It´s no wonder then, that talented chefs of Italian Cuisine all around the world take the lead to herald the quality Lambrusco revival.

In MondoLambrusco, each participating chef created a recipe that goes well with Lambrusco and the dish was featured in the menu of his/her restaurant, during the Mondo Lambrusco week. The Special L-Day was May 17, when all the restaurants hosted simultaneously a tasting of quality Lambrusco for media, industry operators and VIP guests.