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IDIC 2012 Celebrated the World Culinary Leadership of Italian Cuisine

For the fifth year in a row the International Day of Italian Cuisines was celebrate on last January 17. Once again it has been a worldwide promotion of authentic and quality Italian Cuisine. The IDIC 2012 official dish was OSSOBUCO IN GREMOLATA ALLA MILANESE, another culinary landmark of Italy, originated in Milan, Region of Lombardia. The traditional global ola of Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese was once again headed by hundreds of chefs and restaurateurs belonging to itchefs-GVCI network in more than 70 countries.


Rosario Scarpato, IDIC Director, Master Chef Gennaro Esposito, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Founder of The International Culinary Center and Cesare Casella, Dean of Italian Studies at the ICC

The launch of IDIC 2011 took place in New York City at the International Culinary Center - School of Italian Studies with two days of great events including the Launching Gala Dinner prepared by Guest Master Chef Gennaro Esposito (Torre del Saracino, Vico Equense Napoli), the Made by Italian Hands Workshops, two Master Cooking Classes by Esposito and Pino Cuttaia (La Madia Restaurant - Licata Agrigento), the New York Challenge of the Risotto World Summit just to mention a few, and two LIVE Conferences with Milan and Moscow where launching press conferences were held simultaneously.

IDIC 2012 Gala Dinner in New York City by Guest Master Chef Gennaro Esposito

This year, 2 Michelin starred Master Chef Gennaro Esposito prepared the Special VIP and Media Gala Dinner for the Launch of the 5th edition of the IDIC. Thanks to the collaboration with Ferrarelle the dinner took place at the International Culinary Center on January 11 and it was accompanied by a special presentation of Luca Gardini, Best Sommelier in the world (2010 WSA).

See the MENU


Italian Cuisine New York Awards

Rosario Scarpato, Fortunato Nicotra (Felidia Restaurant), one of the awardees of the evening, and Cesare Casella

The IDIC is a unique opportunity to reward solemnly distinguished professionals who have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of the Italian food and wine culture around the world. In the occasion of the Launch in New York a number of selected New York based chefs and restaurateurs were rewarded with a Certificate of Appreciation for their exceptional commitment to authentic and quality Italian Cuisine. Among the awardees were the chefs Kevin Garcia (Cesca), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Fortunato Nicotra (Felidia), Fabio Trabocchi (Fiola), Jessica Botta (International Culinary Center) and the restaurateurs Sergio Bitici (Macelleria), Pino Luongo (Centolire), Gianfranco Sorrentino (Gattopardo) and Angelo Vivolo (Vivolo). The awards were presented to the winners by Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the Director of the International Culinary Center, and Rosario Scarpato in the presence of Grana Padano´s Chairman Nicola Cesare Baldrighi.

Sergio Bitici: “I am quality-oriented and that attracts fans and eventually the press”

Scott Conant: “Italian Cuisine has never been as popular as it is today”

Mark Ladner: “I'm heavily influenced by Italian art and design, Michelangelo & Leonardo Da Vinci, for example”

Fortunato Nicotra: “Cooking Italian is all about using seasonal and local products”

Giancarlo Quadalti: “I didn't become a chef overnight it took me many years of hard work, to learn how to make authentic Italian Cuisine”


Made by Italian Hands Workshops

Itchefs-GVCI and Cesare Casella, Dean of the School of Italian Studies at the International Culinary Center presented, as a part of the IDIC 2012 celebrations, a series of Demonstrations that put the focus on the importance of the hands in Italian Cuisine. They are kind of main "ingredients" in the making of fresh pasta, pizza, cold cuts and Italian pasticceria.

Master Cooking Class by Chef Gennaro Esposito

Master Cooking Class by Chef Pino Cuttaia

Preparation Ceremony of Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese with Master Chef Matteo Scibilia


Risotto World Summit: The New York Challenge

The Winner of New York Risotto Challenge: Olivia Bonomi Todorov

Risotto is the most emblematic dish of contemporary Italian Cuisine in the world and the Risotto World Summit aims at reaffirming the history of this dish, its indisputable Italian roots, the reasons for its success around the world. Following the Hong Kong challenge held last November during the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit, a New York Challenge has been held during the IDIC launch. 12 talented finalists have took part into the competition. The judges of the Challenge have been Chef Pietro Zito (Italy), Chef Ivan Beacco (NY), Sommelier Luca Giardini, Chef Matteo Scibilia (Italy) and Chef Marcello Russodivito (NY). The Risotto Challenge was held at the International Culinary Centre on January 12 and the winner was Olivia Bonomi Todorov (see the Winning Recipe).



Chefs of the network itchefs-GVCI get together in Beijing for the IDIC 2012 at Marino D'Antonio's Aperitivo

Almost a thousand chefs in 70 countries prepared Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese, the official dish of the IDIC 2012 and first and foremost of these were the associates of itchefs-gvci, the network of culinary professionals that promotes the event.



Rosario Scarpato, IDIC Director, and Chef Pietro Rongoni, host of the evening

On 17 January, Moscow was the centre of the IDIC worldwide celebrations, with the concluding ceremony of the Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards as well as the Italian Cuisine Moscow Awards. The following day begun with the Risotto World Summit, Moscow Challenge and ended with a special presentation of the Consorzio Nazionale degli Olivicoltori´s dinner (see the MENU) for the spreading of it´s wonderful Program of Traceablility of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The dinner was prepared by Gaetano Simonato of Tano, passami l´olio restaurant in Milano.

Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards Gala Dinner

From left to right: Sergio Vineis, Marco Sacco, Rosario Scarpato, IDIC Director, Pietro Rongoni, host of the evening, Vilmo Perino, Tano Simonato and Nino Giardino

The Award Ceremony took place in Moscow on January 17 during a Gala Dinner (see the MENU) prepared by Master Chefs Marco Sacco, Sergio Vineis and Andrea Ribaldone of Stelle del Piemonte cooking team with an Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese tasting, IDIC 2012 official dish, prepared by Tano Simonato, chef patron of Tano passami l´olio Restaurant in Milan. The Dinner was opened by a live video conference with Singapore, from where Mario Caramella, Chef Patron of Forlino Restaurant and GVCI Forum President, greeted the guests. Two more live connections were made with Giorgio Nava, chef patron of Keerom 95 in Cape Town (South Africa) and Villa Torretta Hotel in Milan, the epicentre of IDIC 2012 celebrations  in Italy. In both places Ossobuco in Gremolata was the protagonist of the night, as in hundreds of other restaurants around the world.


The best Italian Chefs in Moscow presented with the ICMC Diploma

Talented Italian Chefs with the Diploma of Italian Cuisine Master Chef by Academia Barilla

At the end of the Dinner, seven talented Italian Chefs in Moscow were presented with the Diploma of Italian Cuisine Master Chef by Academia Barilla, they were Bruno Marino, Flaviano Biasatti, Mirco Galdino, Mirco Zago, Uilliam Lamberti and Valentino Bontempi.


Italian Cuisine Moscow Awards

Elena Cicalova receiving her award

The celebration of the IDIC in Moscow has been a wonderful opportunity to reward solemnly Russian personalities who are well known for their love of the Italian food and wine culture. They are among the best ambassadors of and educators to the authentic Italian cuisine, which is beloved by the Russian people. Together with a Certificate of appreciation they have been offered a luxury journey in the Piemonte Region, courtesy of Stelle Del Piemonte, Alexala (the tourist agency of Alessandria e Monferrato), and the Tourist Agency of Biella.


Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2012 Ceremony

Chef Umberto Bombana, winner of the Award, shows the artistic Grana Padano silver wheel

The mission of the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards is to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, diffusion and preservation of the Italian food and wine culture in the countries they live in or in global context. The Awards, promoted by itchefs-gvci.com, are granted annually to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work performed during the previous year or their whole careers. The pre selection for the Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2012 was the result of a survey among the recently certified Italian Cuisine Master Chefs.

The Jury was composed  by prestigious members of the food and wine industry: Luigi Cremona (Italian Touring Club Guides' coordinator), Paolo Marchi (founder of Identità Golose), Vinicio Eminenti (Accademia Italiana della Cucina China), Roberto Bava (Italian Cuisine in the world expert) and Rosario Scarpato (IDIC 2012 Director).

The 2012 winners are: SILVIA BERNARDINI (Mexico), UMBERTO BOMBANA (Hong Kong), DONATO DE SANTIS (Argentina), JOHN MARIANI (USA) and ANDREJ KOVALEV (Russia). MARIO CARAMELLA, Chef of Forlino Restaurant in Singapore and GVCI President received a special award for achievements made in his career and due to the high number of votes received in the survey.

The awards were presented to the winners by Garna Padano´s General Manager Stefano Berni with the presence of the Italian Ambassador in Russia Antonio Zanardi Landi.


Risotto World Summit: The Moscow Challenge

The chef Bruno Marino, Peshi Restaurant, winner of the Moscow Risotto Challenge wins a fantastic trip in the Collio Region, courtesy of the wineries Caccese, Picech, Roncus and Tenuta Villanova

The Moscow Risotto Challenge has been hosted at Aromi Restaurant. The jury, chaired by Francesca D´Orazio (Italy) was formed by Silvia Bernardini (Mexico), Chef Tano Simonato (Italy) and Rosario Scarpato (IDIC 2012 Director). The Challenge took place on January 17 and the winner was Bruno Marino.



IDIC 2012 at the Restaurant of Villa Torretta Hotel

From left: Aldo Palaoro, IDIC 2012 event coordinator in Milan, Francesca D'Orazio Buonerba, Afredo Zini, Vice President of Fipe and Paolo Marchi, founder and Director of Identita Golose

The Restaurant of Villa Torretta Hotel in Milan – Sesto San Giovanni has been the epicentre of the celebrations of IDIC 2012 in Italy. Inside the beautiful frescoed Restaurant’s rooms a launching press conference was hosted on January 12, with video conferences with New York and Moscow where similar events were held simultaneously. On January 17 a number of VIP selected guests gathered again in the Hotel to taste the Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese cooked by Chef Angelo Nasta. In both cases the events were organized and coordinated by Aldo Palaoro (ICS Media and PR Agency) and Maurizio Palazzo, Food and Beverage Manager of the Restaurant. Among the guests there were talented chefs in both the occasions, including Tano Simonato, of Tano Passami l’olio Restaurant in Milan, and Matteo Scibilia, Chef Patron of the Osteria della Buona Condotta (Ornago) and President of the Consortium of Chefs of Lombardia.


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