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Grana Padano

Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2012: The Winners

The mission of the Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards is to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the introduction, diffusion and preservation of the Italian food and wine culture in the countries they live in or in global context. The Awards, promoted by itchefs-gvci.com, are granted annually to chefs, writers, journalists and business people, for the work performed during the previous year or their whole careers. The pre selection for the Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards 2012 was the result of a survey among the recently certified Italian Cuisine Master Chefs.

The Jury was composed as always by prestigious members of the food and wine industry: Luigi Cremona, Paolo Marchi, Vinicio Eminenti, Roberto Bava and Rosario Scarpato.

The Award Ceremony took place in Moscow on January 17 during a Gala Dinner prepared by Master Chefs Marco Sacco, Sergio Vineis and Andrea Ribaldone form Stelle del Piemonte and an Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese tasting, our official IDIC 2012 dish that was prepared by Tano Simonato, from Tano passami l´olio Restaurat.

The 2012 winners are: SILVIA BERNARDINI (Mexico), UMBERTO BOMBANA (Hong Kong), DONATO DE SANTIS (Argentina), JOHN MARIANI (USA) and ANDREJ KOVALEV (Russia). MARIO CARAMELLA, Chef of Forlino Restaurant in Singapore and GVCI President received a special award for achievements made in his career and due to the high number of votes received in the survey.

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Silvia lives and works in Veracruz, one of the most tormented cities by the struggle between Mexican narco gangs. 2011 was a difficult year for her restaurant L´Invito because of the context of violence it´s surrounded by. However, she managed to keep it open: an oasis of peace and pleasure. She also published a brilliant book, Italian cuisine made with local ingredients, in collaboration with the mother, writer Lydia Pearson Vigliardi just to approach a wider Mexican audience to Italian cuisine.


In 2011 Umberto, crowning a remarkable career, has received a number of prestigious awards including, the third Michelin star for his Italian restaurant in Hong Kong Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA (the only Italian chef who, working outside of Italy, has accomplished such an honor with an Italian restaurant) and he was voted Chef of Chefs (Miele Award).


The Milanese chef (originally from Apulia Region) Donato De Santis was confirmed in 2011 as the most effective broadcaster of Italian cuisine, not only in Argentina, where he currently resides, but throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America thanks to his books and TV programs on the well known El Gourmet Channel. His Cucina Paradiso was crowned as Best Italian Restaurant in Argentina 2011 (Guia Oleo).


Andrej has an ongoing passion for Italy and specially its cuisine, it´s wonderful products, this passion has led him to publish in Russia, a magazine entirely devoted to Italian food and wine: Buona Italia Magazine. A unique project in which he has invested not only economically but also culturally.


Food and wine journalist, working at prestigious publications, author. In 2011he published How Italian Food Conquered the World,  an excellent book for anyone involved in Italian Oenogastronomy in the world. The basic thesis is that Italian cuisine has changed the way of eating for many nations of the world.


Chef Patron of Forlino Restaurnat (Singapore). He has been a forerunner of genuine quality Italian Cuisine in Asia. With over 30 years of culinary experience as head of several award-winning Italian restaurants in Asia like the Mistral and Grissini in Hong Kong and lately Executive Chef with Hyatt, where he has honed his signature style of cuisine marrying classical Italian flavors and ingredients with contemporary presentation and cooking techniques. Or as he puts it: "My style is contemporary but I retain authenticity". He´s the President of GVCI (Gruppo Virtuale Cuochi Italiani - Virtual Group of Italian Chefs).