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Itchefs-GVCI & Academia Barilla Launched the CPIC: an Unprecedented Italian Cuisine Certification Program

From left to right: Rosario Scarpato (itchefs-GVCI managing Editor), Chefs Luigi Passano, Pietro Rongoni, Cesare Casella, Yoshi Yamada, Domenico Crolla, Angela Hartnett, Mario Caramella (itchefs-GVCI President), Paolo Monti, Academia Barilla´s Director Gianluigi Zenti. Below: Chefs Giulio Vierci, Donato de Santis and Mark Ladner

The Certification Program targets chefs and culinary professionals working outside of Italy in the global Ho.Re.Ca industry of Italian cuisine. It was launched in an international Symposium held in Parma on June 9 and 10, with the presence of leading chefs, experts and journalists. Over 200 chefs of the itchefs-gvci network were certified Italian Cuisine Master Chef (ICMC) ad honorem.

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What’s the future of the Italian Cuisine in the world? An international symposium on this subject was held in Parma on the  9 and 10 of June, promoted by Academia Barilla, in collaboration with the itchefs-gvci.com network. Prestigious chefs, experts and journalists, coming from all over the world (see the list below), took part in the gathering, which was organized to mark the official launch of an unprecedented Certification Program of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine (CPIC). According to recent estimates there are at least 70.000 restaurants and food outlets worldwide labeled as Italian, with a total of over 800.000 employees, mainly of non Italian origins. The coaching of these professional figures to the tenets of quality and authentic Italian cuisine is a priority task that cannot be postponed, in the best interest of the consumers, the industry as well as that of exporters of Italian made food and wine. The Academia Barilla Certification Program of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine (CPIC) is born out of the need to meet these expectations.

Standing, Rosario Scarpato. From Left to Right: Chefs Cesare Casella, Paolo Monti and Mario Caramella,
Journalists Michael Wilson, Luigi Cremona, Irina Mak, Susan Jung and Regina Schrambling

The first day of the Symposium (June 9) at the Academia Barilla Culinary Centre in Parma, was opened by a Round Table on the future of Italian Cuisine in the world and then continue with cooking demonstrations by the very talented chefs Angela Hartnett & Yoshi Yamada. The Certification Program of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine (CPIC) was officially launched in the late afternoon in a ceremony in which 12 international chefs were awarded the Certificate ad Honorem of Leading Italian Cuisine Master Chef (ICMC). A first of a group of 200 others, working in 70 countries, were announced in the same ceremony. A Gala Dinner signed by three great chefs: Mark Ladner, Yoshi Yamada & Kuniaki Arima concluded the first day.

The Symposium continued the day after (June 10) with an educational tour of the Italian Food Valley (Parma and its surroundings) organized in collaboration with the APT Emilia Romagna. The Symposium was closed by a gastronomic event at the Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense, in the epicenter of the Culatello di Zibello production (see the whole program).




  • Mario Caramella, Chef Patron, Ristorante Forlino, SINGAPORE - President GVCI
  • Cesare Casella, Dean dell’Italian Culinary Academy di NEW YORK
  • Domenico Crolla, Chef Patron & Maestro Pizzaiolo, Ristorante Bella Napoli, GLASGOW
  • Donato De Santis, Chef e TV celebrity, Cucina Paradiso, BUENOS AIRES
  • Angela Hartnett, Chef patron & food writer, Ristorante Murano, LONDON
  • Kuniaki Arima, Chef Patron, Ristorante Passo a Passo, TOKYO
  • Mark Ladner, Executive Chef, Ristorante Del Posto, NEW YORK
  • Paolo Monti, Executive Chef, Gaia Group, HONG KONG
  • Pietro Rongoni. Chef Patron, Aromi Italiani, MOSCOW
  • Giulio Vierci, Chef Patron, Il Genovese, SAPPORO
  • Yoshi Yamada, Executive Chef, Tempo Restaurant, LONDON
  • Luigi Passano, Chef Owner, Ristorante Riviera, GUAYAQUIL

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  • Luigi Cremona, Guide Enogastronomiche del Touring Club d’Italia
  • Irina Mak, Food Editor, Izvetzia, MOSCOW
  • Rosario Scarpato, www.itchefs-gvci.com Managing Editor, MELBOURNE
  • Regina Schrambling, Food Writer, NEW YORK
  • Michael Wilson, La Cucina Italiana USA, NEW YORK
  • Susan Jung, Food editor, Southern China Morning Post, HONG KONG

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