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Grana Padano

CPIC Launch Parma 2011: Participating Journalists and Experts' Profiles


Touring Club d’Italia

A former engineer by trade he has converted his two biggest life passions (food and travel) in a profession. He now writes for various magazines, runs his blog, and over all he is a consultant of the Italian Touring Club for the Hotels and Restaurants Guide. Luigi and his partner Lorenza Vitaly organizes some of the most successful food events in Italy, including an award for emerging young chef.


Southern China Morning Post, HONG KONG

Susan Jung is the food and wine editor for the Hong Kong South China Morning Post. In addition to reviewing restaurants and writing food features, she also has a recipe section in the paper's Sunday Magazine. Before going into journalism, Susan received her degree in English literature from UC Berkeley, worked as a pastry cook in hotels in San Francisco and New York, and was a pastry chef at several restaurants in Hong Kong.


Izvetzia, MOSCOW

Moscow based Irina Mak is a gastronomic journalist and a restaurant critic. She has worked as an author for Vogue, Time Out, the web-site Open Space, Expert magazine, and wrote a regular column for “Madame Figaro”. For over five years she has been a gastronomic observer for the high circulation Russian Izvestia newspaper, where she currently works. Irina has interviewed many famous international chefs and wine personalities.



TV author, director and producer, he lives between Melbourne and Buenos Aires. For over 20 years he has been involved in the investigation and promotion of Italian Cuisine abroad. As a food and wine writer regularly contributed to various international media and produced many programs for the Italian TV Raisat Gambero Rosso. Honorary President and co-founder of GVCI, since 2007 he is the Managing Editor of www.itchefs-gvci.com and the Director of the Italian Cuisine World Summit (Hong Kong) and of IDIC, the International Day of Italian Cuisines (17th January every year).



Regina Schrambling is a longtime food writer and cookbook author in New York City who is best known for her acerbic website, www.gastropoda.com. She has contributed to many U.S. magazines and newspaper, including Saveur, Esquire, Vogue, New York Times, LA Times and to online publications, including Epicurious.com.


La Cucina Italiana USA, NEW YORK

New York based, Michael Wilson is the Editor in Chief of the American edition of La Cucina Italiana magazine since its relaunch in 2008. Michael spent his life living between the United States and Italy. His extensive work with both Italian and American cuisines informs his unique perspective on Italian cooking in the United States. He has been an editor and writer for various national lifestyle magazines.