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Tony May, New York, USA

Tony May

Throughout his whole career, Tony May, restaurant manager and restaurateur, has never ceased promoting Italian cuisine and products made in Italy. He has from the beginning been committed to raising the level of high quality Italian dining especially by means of the examples of his successful enterprises from that of the San Domenico on. Through the years, Tony has developed his own, very Italian style in the management of restaurants, a style that, since, dozens of colleagues have used as a point of reference.
Tony has indeed become a savvy businessman, but yet he enters his battles, for example the one for the authenticity of Italian cuisine and the one against the unpreparedness of oenogastronomic critics, with militant passion. A distinguishing connoisseur of Italian cuisine deeply versed in its history, he has always occupied himself with the education about the true nutritional tradition of Italy, be it for the consumer or for the professional of the sector. Although Tony has occupied himself almost exclusively in the USA, his career and his commitment are great examples for any entrepreneurs and culinary professionals who have set high quality Italian cuisine as the objective of their profession activity, no matter in which part of the world they are active in.