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Roberto Galetti, SINGAPORE

Roberto Galetti

Roberto Galetti is a shining example of the figure of the contemporary Italian chef abroad. Now in his forties, born in Brescia, Lombardy, schooled in Italy, with work experience in London, Salzburg, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, he opened the Garibaldi Restaurant in Singapore in 2003. Since then, his professional status has moved ever upwards, not only as chef but also as restaurant entrepreneur. In 2009, his Garibaldi restaurant won the title of Restaurant of the year at the World Gourmet Summit, where, last year, he won the title of Chef of the Year. However, all along, the heart of his business has always been in Italian cuisine and especially in the Italian cuisine that he likes. He believes that the authenticity of the ingredients and the genuineness of the dishes are of highest importance. He enjoys cooking in a traditional manner, simple food, just what he likes to eat. He enjoys experimenting but then, he is not fond of using ingredients that are not part of the Italian culture.