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Arrigo Cipriani, Venezia, ITALY

Arrigo Cipriani

For decades now, Arrigo Cipriani has been a protagonist of Italian dining with his legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, where he has continued his father, Giuseppe’s, mission. However, this award goes to those activities of Arrigo and his company outside Italy. With the opening of establishments abroad, in places such as New York City, Miami, Istanbul, Moscow and, very recently, in Abu Dhabi, Cipriani has always delivered authentic Italian cuisine of highest quality. Many things have been said and written about Arrigo, but here we give a couple of small extracts of what he stated in an interview, true extracts of the philosophy that stands behind the success of the enterprise
managed today by Giuseppe’s son

We consider ourselves to be super-Italians; the DNA of taste is a fact, Italian taste is the one closest to the taste of the world as far as cooking is concerned. Therefore we’ve never given in to the temptation of the revision of Italian cuisine, and therefore we’re traditional, and so we will be for a long time to come.

Borrowed cultures have no sense, they remain outsider human culture. Even when one is really capable, one has always to go back to one’s roots. Abroad, this is always appreciated.