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David Cheung, Hong Kong, CHINA

David Cheung

After a long residence in the United Kingdom, David Cheung was pushed by his passion for Italian cuisine to open the Gaia restaurant in Hong Kong exactly ten years ago. Passionate about style and design, David in the last ten years has dedicated himself to the development of his concept of the high-quality Italian restaurant, of the Italian restaurant bound to high quality, Italian cuisine prepared by Italian born and trained cooks of the new generation and based on excellent products imported from Italy. David Cheung is an example of the entrepreneur who has managed to pair the profitability of his business with the defence of Italian gastronomic traditions in one of the most prominent markets of Italian cuisine. In the last ten years, the group he presides has opened or acquired ten restaurants including Isola, Joia and Va Bene in Hong Kong. Recently, it also opened Isola in Shanghai and on 17th January, the same day as the International Day of Italian Cuisines, it is opening Bene in Shatin, also in China.