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Grana Padano

Dorothy Cann Hamilton, New York, USA

Dorothy Carter

When in 2007 she decided to open the Italian Culinary Studies Program, Dorothy, the currant President of the International Culinary Center, had already achieved the respect and appreciation of the culinary industry with her prestigious French Culinary Institute. Because of its qualified contents and rigorous methodology, the Program is a point of reference for Italian culinary education not only for New York City and the USA but for the entire world today. Dorothy’s vision and initiative appeared in a very particular moment in the history of Italian Cuisine in the US; Italian cuisine and the related diet (the Mediterranean) were enormously popular in the United States. But the presence of the immigrants that had spread it about and made it famous was all but exhausted.  The future of Italian cuisine in the USA, especially authentic, quality, professional Italian cuisine, was directly related to institutes such as the one created by Dorothy.