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Girolamo Panzetta, Tokyo, JAPAN

Girolamo Panzetta

Italian Cuisine has been so successful in Japan and particularly its big cities in the last couple of decades also thanks to Girolamo Panzetta, an Italian born architect who moved there in 1986. He has never worked as an architect or as a chef – actually, he admits that he isn’t a good cook – but he has been a formidable educator with his program on Nhk TV. Despite some apparent stereotypes he endorses, which helped him to maintain his fame among the Japanese, Giro-san – the name by which he is known in Japan – has always conveyed a correct message about authentic Italian cuisine, how to prepare it and how to enjoy it. Panzetta’s wife, Kikuko, has also played an important role in helping her husband in his effort to promote the Italian culinary culture.