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Roland Schuller, HONG KONG

Roland Schuller

Austrian born, based in Hong Kong, in 2009 Roland Schuller attained some of the greatest achievements open to chefs of Italian Cuisine. Besides being awarded the Michelin star last year – the only Italian restaurant in town to sport it – and succeeding with his new venture, the Drawing Room, he definitively confirmed his profile as a chef with a deep knowledge of both Italian culinary traditions and history, regardless of being neither born nor raised in Italy. The years he spent in Italy at the helm of one of the most renowned Italian restaurants and the partnership with his partner/colleague, Umberto Bombana, have been of fundamental importance for his career and today Roland is an example to be followed by the thousands of chefs and restaurateurs around the world, who want to open and/or run an Italian restaurant despite being neither born nor trained in Italy. His uncompromising commitment to tradition and to Italian ingredients of excellence is worth an unreserved praise by all Italian food lovers.