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Grana Padano

Rogerio Fasano, São Paulo, BRAZIL

Rogerio Fasano

Building upon the fame of Fasano in São Paulo, one of the oldest Italian restaurants in South America, and owned by his family, Rogerio in the last two decades has changed the history of Italian Cuisine in Brazil. Elegance, finesse, but also simplicity, quality and authenticity are the attributes of the cuisine in all the restaurants he has opened and owns; although they are diverse in their format, they are consistently Italian. Many of them, employ chefs and staff trained in Italy but Rogerio personally overlooks each and every venue. This is, perhaps, the secret of his success, along with the fact that he knows Italy and Italian culinary customs inside out. No one in South America, let alone in Brazil, has done so much for the correct understanding of the contemporary Italian culinary culture still deeply rooted in its tradition.