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Grana Padano

Torta Caprese con Gelato al Babà e Limoncello

by Chef Andrea Tranchero, Ristorante Armani, Tokyo, Japan



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Gelatina al limoncello (Limoncello Gelatine)

Water cl.250
Sugar gr.20
on marmalade gr.35
Gelatine n.2
Limoncello gr.20

Croccante alle mandorle (Almond Crunch)

Sugar gr.75
Pectin gr.1
Butter gr.60
Water gr.20
Glucose gr.25
Almonds, sliced gr.65
Cacao bean gr.10

Gelato al babà (Babà Ice-cream)

Vanilla ice-cream gr.350
Babà n. 3
Limoncello gr.50
Syrup gr.115

Salsa (Chocolate Sauce)

Chocolate, 66% gr. 130
Milk gr.150
Glucose gr.35

Preparation of the Crunch:
mix all the ingredients and spread them out on siliconed baking paper and bake for 7 minutes.
Preparation of the ice-cream: marinate the babà in the limoncello and the syrup, squeeze out any excess liquid, whip the ice-cream with a Pacojet and add the perfumed babà.
For the gelatine: bring all ingredients to a boil, add the limoncello and, at the end, the almond gelatine
Prepare the sauce bringing the milk and the glucose to a boil. Then add the chocolate, temper and serve warm.