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Super sfogliatelle in Hong Kong (VIDEO)



The protagonists of La Vita è Dolce this week are the Chef Vittorio Lucariello (photo left) in Hong Kong and his authentic sfogliatelle, as those made by Francesco Elmi in the step by step video recipe of this week. Chef Lucariello is the Italian chef of the Angelini Restaurant, in the Shangri La Hotel, in Kowloon. Vittorio has Neapolitan blood in his veins, so his interpretation of sfogliatelle is particularly passionate. On his menu this week Vittorio included the three classic versions of sfogliatelle: riccia, frolla and Santa Rosa (with wild cherries in syrup, the world famous amarene).

Chef Lucariello started his culinary career at the age of 14, when he entered the Istituto Alberghiero di Aversa

Vittorio´s Sfogliatella Riccia
cooking school, near Naples.

He has been in the kitchens of several established restaurants in Italy, including the three-star Michelin restaurant Don Alfonso on the Amalfi Coast, in the United States as well as in reputable restaurants of international hotel chains. Before arriving at the Angelini in 2007, Vittorio was chef de cuisine of another great Italian Restaurant, in Hong Kong – Grissini in the Grand Hyatt.

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Vittorio brings a fresh approach to all the different regional fare found within Italian cuisine, combining fresh authentic ingredients with traditional techniques.

Vittorios´s Sfogliatella Frolla

He is a firm believer in cooking using the freshest ingredients, without heavy sauces but with an emphasis on maintaining the natural flavours of the ingredients. For this reason the clientele of the Angelini, which commands superb views of Victoria Harbour, is made up of local and international gourmet guests as well as Italian expats and travelers. Vittorio has always paid attention to desserts, preferring the authentic Italian, although presented in an innovative way.


Angelini has a Dessert Platter

Sfogliatelle Santa Rosa by Vittorio Lucariello

consisting of the classic Cannoli, Homemade Hazelnut Ice Cream and Cherry Sponge Cake. Customers appreciate the fact that even when they have big meals they don’t feel overly full. This is due to Victorio’s ability to serve food that retains the natural essence of the ingredients and is flavourful yet at the same time the finished dish is light.






Sfogliatelle Santa Rosa by Vittorio Lucariello