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Grana Padano

GVCI at Cibus Rome – A historic achievement

Last April, over 2 years after the Turin meeting, I have had the honor of being part of the GVCI’s representatives invited at the Cibus Rome Fair, at the Atelier del Gusto, organized by Luigi Cremona and Lorenza Vitali. And in Rome, we have been true to the GVCI’s mission statement “accipere et docere”.

For the first time ever, a group of Italian chefs operating abroad, has met a group of Italian chefs who work in Italy, presenting Italian dishes from all over the world and from Italy, using Italian products. A comparative study in culinary evolution in itself, the presentation was a non competitive panoramic review of Italian cuisine, from the simplest to the most elaborate recipes. There were no Iron Chefs to be found here: each and every one of us was eager to help everyone else and transfer information to each other and to the audience.

Our group, coordinated by Chef Mario Musoni, our Senior Event Manager, was formed by the following Gvci members

Frederik Farina, Chef at Spasso Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok (Thailand)
Roberto Illari, Chef Director at Da Carla restaurant, Santiago del Chile
Luigi Magni, Chef at Sadler Restaurant Tokyo (Japan)
Gaetano Palumbo, Chef at Rossini Restaurant, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok (Thailand)
Giovanni Parrella, Chef de Cuisine at Stax Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Mumbai (India)

Details of each recipe presented by our chefs were given by Luigi Cremona, while the chefs were performing on a fantastic Molteni kitchen (the Ferrari of all kitchens, a 250.000 euro investment). If cooking is a language with its own expressions, then in Rome we have used it to speak to our audience of excellent products, of beauty, in some of our compositions, of humor, while we were performing, of happiness, for being afforded the honor of being there. And we learned. And we taught. Hopefully we left some ideas, some good advices that some people picked up and will use. Rome has been the GVCI’s launching pad into the group’s own future as a culinary education medium.

Enrico Bazzoni Enrico Bazzoni
Executive Chef Consultant, Lecturer, Culinary Edication expert,
New York Usa.