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The Power of itchefs-GVCI: Alma Viva, a chef’s wife and Fabbri


Last October, Mario Caramella (GVCI President) and Rosario Scarpato (Honorary President and itchefs-gvci Managing Editor) attended Alma Viva, a conference organised by Alma, La Scuola Internazionale di cucina in Colorno, Province of Parma, directed by Gualtiero Marchesi. After returning home, Rosario wrote in the GVCI Forum this contribution on the role of group, which generated two interesting testimonials.

The first one came from Natalie, wife of Gianmaria Morelli, an itchfef based in Australia, and the other one from Nicola Fabbri, Fabbri 1905 company director, a long-time supporter of GVCI and manufacturer of one of the most representative products of Italy.


“Do you know why Alma’s conference in Parma has been important? At least for those who, like us, either cook or promote Italian cuisine around the world? It has been important because it was an open space to discuss our issues, those related to Italian Cuisine outside of Italy. It has been important because by now it’s no longer possible to talk about Italian style in the kitchen without getting those who represent Italian cuisine in the world involved. It was very significant that Italian chefs of the calibre of Ciccio Sultano, Alfonso Iaccarino, Davide Scabin, took center stage at the conference. However, for us it was meaningful that chefs as our own itchef Cesare Casella (New York), Dario Tomaselli (Toronto) and Piero Selvaggio (Valentino Santa Monica USA), had the chance to speak as well. Furthermore, it was very important that our President, Mario Caramella, was a member of the jury of the Alma Viva Culinary Awards “Giovani Talenti” (Young Talents). Also, it’s not a coincidence that around the same dates the Gambero Rosso Ristoranti d’Italia guide was launched featuring – for the first time – a section devoted to Italian Restaurants outside Italy. I believe that these results (and many more) have been achieved thanks to the “cultural” presence of our Group. We shouldn’t relax though, a new era is about to start and it’s up to us to influence it positively”.

THE POWER OF OUR GROUP, AN ITCHEF’S WIFE PERSPECTIVE by Natalie Morelli, wife of itchefs Gianmaria Morelli


“Good afternoon Rosario, it’s no longer possible. For years I’ve been passively reading the GVCI emails just as a “Chef’s wife”, but now feel the need to interact.
GVCI power works, it's happening, and it's moving forward! I'd like to site our personal {mosimage}experience of having recently immigrated from Italy back to my home town of Australia, Noosa, Queensland to be exact. After looking at many restaurant opportunities here, that was our original idea, we have decided to make gelato and are convinced to follow the line of producing culture here locally and supporting Italian products. Namely, Fabbri. Producing Gelato as it should be made. Why do I say this?
Through contacts of the GVCI and Host 2006, we were able to have personally the honor of meeting Dr. Nicola Fabbri, and now believe that it will further the Italian culinary culture here in Australia. Something that everyone (here in Oz) is ready for.
Gianmaria, has recently, returned to Italy and undertaken a specialised course with Fabbri, to ensure the products are used to the maximum of their capacity, which was all easily organised thanks to the outreach of the GVCI. In the follow up, we have gained great contacts and all the world seems a country. This at the end of the day is the power of GVCI here in little old Australia”.

Natalie and Gianmaria Morelli have just started Palato Gelato. Italian tradition made in Noosa. www.palatogelato.com.au. For more info: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



“Dear Natalie, many years ago a good friend of mine and an agent for Fabbri in Asia, asked me if I would be interested in sponsoring a group of Italian chefs, employed abroad, who had the dream of creating in the web a community where all their colleagues could meet, feel less lonely, exchange ideas, experiences and ‘secrets of the trade’. It seemed to me a great idea and I gladly agreed. In these years I have met many of them and we have all became friends. The privilege of going and dining at their restaurants is equal only to the honor of giving a hand, I do know best in that area, when they need it.
I took the liberty of sending a copy of your letter to all our distributors all over the world and to the GMs of all our subsidiaries, they share our same feeling about service and assistance and they all are ready to give you and all the GVCI members and affiliates a hand if needed. Thanks to the efforts of the founders and its secretary, this community is growing and expanding all over the world reflecting the roaring growth of the Italian food success. It is for Fabbri a privilege to be a part of this community. My very best regards and a "in bocca al lupo " for your new enterprise”.

Nicola Fabbri is one of the Company Directors of Fabbri 1905 Spa, which invented the world renowned “amarena” and other fruit syrups and today is leader in the promotion of the Italian Art of Confectionery. The production of the company, based in Bologna (Emilia Romagna Region,) comprises over 1000 different products including those dedicated to artisan gelato parlours and artisan confectioners.