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Grana Padano

What’s La Vita è Dolce – The Map


Pasticceria or pastry is an essential part of Italian cuisine and “La Vita è Dolce” is an initiative promoted by itchefs-GVCI for the appreciation of Italian pasticceria around the world. It aims at promoting the sweet end of the meal experience, a traditional expression of Italian amenities and good living, at the centre of which is found il dolce, the dessert, accompanied by wines, liqueurs and coffee.

La Vita è Dolce is a ride around the world in 20 sweet-steps. In each one a GVCI chef, of a renowned Italian restaurant, presents a dessert (dolce) of Italy’s great pasticceria tradition, according to the original recipe but in an upbeat and creative way. Each restaurant will have the dessert as a special on its menu for a week. See the calendar below. During that same week, you will find here, on itchefs-gvci.com, the video with the step-by-step recipe of the basic traditional dessert, executed by head pastry chef, Francesco Elmi, articles on the history of each dessert, curiosities and, moreover, the interpretation of the dessert made by a talented chef working abroad. Francesco Elmi realised the recipes in the laboratories of Fabbri 1905, in Bologna. The historic Italian company is also the main sponsor of this initiative.


Despite the fact that Italian cuisine enjoys a great success around the world, its excellent pasticceria has suffered negligence for too long and has been delegated to a non-important position, when not contorted or outright faked. The objective of La Vita è Dolce is to reassert the authenticity of il dolce and to save it from excessive and unnecessary falsifications.