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Pasta World Championship Parma 2012

Yoshi Yamada, the winner of the Pasta World Championship

Yoshi Yamada was the winner of the Pasta World Championship, here surrounded by the other finalists. On the left Sauro Scarabotta and Giorgio Nava and on the right Vittorio Beltramelli and one of the organizers of the event, Rosario Scarpato.

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Pasta now has its own world championship

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Pasta World Championship

The Pasta World Championship was held during the Italian Cuisine in the World Forum 2012 (Parma, June 14 – 16, 2012) and is reserved to those certified as Italian Cuisine Master Chefs (ICMC).

Participating chefs are required to prepare and present a pasta (durum wheat dry pasta) dish of their selection; traditional, classic or innovative recipes are allowed. The dish was prepared from beginning to end onsite in the Academia Barilla facility (Parma). Participants had a total of 40 minutes for the preparation of their dishes.

The competing dishes were judged by a panel of 5 peers, experts and select general public nominated by the organizers of the PWC.

The panel evaluated the dishes on the following 4 criteria: respect for the fundamentals of Italian gastronomy, technique, presentation and taste.

The competition consisted of two phases. In the first phase, on June 15, 2012, all selected participating chefs competed with their pre-approved dishes.

The top 4 finalists were admitted to return to compete in the second phase on June 16, 2012, again with their pre-approved dishes.

The Pasta World Championship winner, Yoshi Yamada (Tempo Mayfair Restaurant, London) received an artistic trophy representing a pasta mold, the symbol of Italian dry pasta. Finalists, Sauro Scarabotta, Giorgio Nava and Vittorio Beltramelli also received a trophy. All contestants received a Certificate of Participation.

Participating Chefs

Vittorio Beltramelli

France, Nolita Restaurant (Paris)

Born and raised in Italy, Vittorio Beltramelli originally learned his culinary skills in the Italian gastronomic tradition at the prestigious Balzi Rossi restaurant in Ventimiglia and Da Vittorio in Bergamo, which are both two-star Michelin restaurants.

Later, he gained more professional experience in Europe, first in Montecarlo where his masters were Alain Ducasse of Louis XV and Piero Nagari of Le Bureau, and later at L’Albereta in Erbusco; in Paris he worked in collaboration with Gualtiero Marchesi. His last impressive experience was in Moscow, Russia, where he personally managed the exclusive Eldorado.

These experiences are at the base Vittorio Beltramelli’s eclectic European cooking, in which he still visibly demonstrates his traditional Italian culinary skills. He has a highly personalized Italian cooking style where the use of basic Italian elements are immediately recognizable, from the seasonal variation to the strong flavors of the Mediterranean. Using his predominantly French-European experience, Beltramelli’s cuisine offers a deep knowledge of its ingredients and particular attention to a detailed presentation.

Silvia Bernardini

Mexico, L'Invito Restaurant

Silvia lives and works in Veracruz, one of the most tormented cities by the struggle between Mexican narco gangs. 2011 was a difficult year for her restaurant L'Invito because of the context of violence it's surrounded by. However, she managed to keep it open: an oasis of peace and pleasure. She also published a brilliant book, “Italian cuisine made with local ingredients”, in collaboration with the mother, writer Lydia Pearson Vigliardi just to approach a wider Mexican audience to Italian cuisine.

Fabio Boschero

Netherlands Antilles, Hilton Curaçao

Fabio Boschero is the Executive Chef at Hilton Curaçao Resort (Netherlands, Antilles).

Born in Rome, his culinary skills were formed in Italy, and his career led him to cover various roles before arriving in Brazil as Executive Sous Chef of Hilton Worldwide, as well as Executive Sous Chef of Marriott Hotels.

Fabio Capellano

Holland, Qualitalia Restaurant

At age 18, Sicilian born Fabio left home for his mother’s country, Holland where he studied and then found a job with the Dutch government.

But he soon discovered his passion for Italian gastronomy and in 1996 opened his own company that promotes Italian produce in Holland. Having enlarged his activities quickly, he is now owns Qualitalia, which directs 3 delicacy shops, an espresso bar and a restaurant in Holland. Fabio also councils the Dutch government on new concepts for Italian gastronomy on the local market.

Dario Congera

Taiwan, The Westin-Yiyuan Restaurant

Born in Savona Italian Riviera. His love for food came when he was very young. He started to work at the age of 14 in a small hotel in his home town of Finale Ligure. Since then, he's lived in some of the world's most glamorous grounds - Rome, St. Moritz, Paris, Cairo, Jakarta and Shanghai and now he's back in Taipei.

Dario has worked for many international hotel industry companies - Four Points, Shangri-la, Sheraton, and Westin. His profound passion for cooking has been developed in his illustrious career, Dario is known for his dedication and keen eye for detail with extensive multinational experience and strong customer service ethos.

Aside from being an exceptional Dario likes listening rock and heavy metal music and playing drums.

Marino D'Antonio

China, Sureno Restaurant

Marino graduated from the IPAS in San Pellegrino Terme, Province of Bergamo, Lombardy in 1986. He then worked in various restaurants in Italy and France.

After meeting Luciano Tona, he attended courses at Alma. He then worked on cruise ships until he arrived in China where he first worked in Guangzhou and in Beijing at, among others, the Sureño.

Salvatore De Vivo

Ukraine, Miglia Restaurant (Kiev)

An alumnus of the hotel-management school of Napoli, Salvatore Diplomato has worked in numerous Italian restaurants. He transferred abroad in order to travel Europe, the United States, and South America. De Vivo settled in Ukraine, where he manages one of the most historic restaurants in the city of Kiev.

Daniel Evangelista

Turkey, Peperoncino Restaurant

Daniel Evangelista is a talented chef who completed his education at hotel school management in 1990 and supported by his seasonal and evening work experiences reached the rank of chef, while working in several restaurants in Milan. To satisfy his desire to learn new cuisine cultures he moved to Paris. He then went to Sydney where he opened a successful restaurant in Little Italy.

Finally he landed in Ankara where in the last eight years he has opened a number of restaurants, managing the Mezzaluna's cuisines at the same time.

Daniel never stopped to enhance his culinary and gastronomy culture: he has been promoting Italian cuisine at the Green Palace IC Hotel Antalya as well as at the Imperial Sheraton Hotel of Kuala Lumpur in Malasia. He has also attended several stages at the most famous school of culinary excellence, including Gualterio Marchesi's Alma in Colorno.

Francesco Farris

USA, Zio Cecio Restaurant

He spent his childhood years in Orosei on his native island of Sardinia. After graduating with a liberal arts degree from the Instituto Agrario in Nuoro, Francesco worked with many exclusive resorts in Italy, both as cook and manager, including Salice d'Ulzio in Piedmont.

He joined his brother in the United States in 1991 to pursue a career in the restaurant industry, in both of their restaurants: Arcodoro and Pomodoro, Houston. This year has opened his new restaurant “Zio Cecio” in Dallas, his town of residence since 1991.

Above anything else, Francesco enjoys cooking and being a host to his customers. He owns a unique cooking style, with a vast knowledge of Italian cuisines in particular of his native Sardinia.

Stefano Fontanesi

Mauritius, Costa Crociere

Stefano Fontanesi was born in Lombardy, and lived in Liguria, Tuscany, and the Mauritius Islands. For years he was known as the ambassador of the prestigious Italia nell'Eden that enchanted famed poets Baudelaire, Twain and Mann. Before arriving in the Mauritius Islands, the chef had another great experience: He was a military sea captain aboard the Andrea Doria.

At the age of 25, Stefano Fontanesi had his first experience in the restaurant business in Siena when he opened a locale that is still popular today, La Bottega del 30 (Michelin Guide).

Leonardo Fumarola

Argentina, L'Adesso Restaurant (Buenos Aires)

Pugliese by birth, Leonardo Fumarola began his culinary career in various settings throughout his home region. Directly after high school, he moved to Rome, where he worked for some of the most prestigious hotels in the city.

In 2008, he decided to leave Italy for Azerbailjan and finally Buenos Aires, where he still resides today and works at the L’Adesso.

Roberto Illari

Chile, Bel Paese Restaurant (Santiago)

With origins in Emilia, Roberto Illari studied the art of cooking from a very young age. After forming his cooking skills in Italy, he embarked on his first trip abroad in Russia. After, he decided to dedicate his culinary career to the grand Hotel Sheraton in Jordan.

The most recent stage of his career finds him in South America, where in 2005 he opened the restaurant Bel Paese. Bel Paese continues to be run with knowledge, finesse, and mastery to this day.

Lino Montaruli

China, Veranda Restaurant

Born in Piacenza in 1968. He studied at the Hospitality School of Matera and worked for Costa Cruises and for four and five stars hotels.

In 1995 he arrived in China where he has been working since for the InterContinental Hotels Group for which he has opened six Italian restaurants and has been part of the openings of two hotels. His biggest commitment has been to develop Chinese kitchen personnel and training them in authentic Italian food preparation and modern Italian cuisine as well. “I have given them the knowledge and experience in Italian culture and life style".

Maurizio Mosconi

Denmark, Italy & Italy Restaurant

Maurizio Mosconi comes from the Rimini area of the east coast of Italy, which is one of the first and largest tourist areas in Europe, and since his childhood has been accustomed to serving guests from all over the world. His professional education is from the Hotel and Restaurant State School of Rimini, where he took a 5-year diploma.

Since 1978 he has been living in Denmark, and in 1990 he opened his own restaurant, Italy & Italy, in Ringsted, a town in Zealand. Maurizio uses his talents as both chef and host, sharing his time between the kitchen and the restaurant. In the almost 20 years since it opened, Italy & Italy has acquired a positive reputation in many parts of Denmark and is mentioned in the Danish restaurant guides.

Giorgio Nava

South Africa, Carne SA Restaurant

Born in Milan, Giorgio arrived in Cape Town in 1999 and saw good opportunities for an Italian cuisine made in the authentic way, two years later he bought a historic building in town and opened 95 Keerom.

Now at CARNE SA, his second signature restaurant “strictly for carnivores” he contiunes the way he begun years ago with the same efficiency, hard work and a pinch of crazyness that tells appart this Italian expatriate of the 21st century.

Gabriele Paganelli

Canada, Romagna Mia Restaurant (Toronto)

With origins in Ravenna, Gabriele Paganelli cultivated a love of home cooking from a very early age while watching his mother in the kitchen and learning her techniques. In 1991, Paganelli moved to Toronto, Canada, where he has become the point of reference for genuine Italian cooking within Canada, guided by his passion for the great gastronomic tradition from his home country.

Gabriele has never forgotten his origins, and has named his restaurant “Romagna Mia”.

Aira Piva

Singapore, Caffe B Restaurant

A true world-traveler of cuisine, Aira Piva began working at an early age as chef de cuisine in the Maldives. Piva has visited many different continents, setting foot in Africa, the United States, Cuba, Spain, France, and Greece.

Piva settled down in Singapore, where the chef has cooked and worked for many years.

Pietro Rongoni

Russia, Aromi Italiani (Moscow)

Born in Milan to a family of restaurateurs, Pietro Rongoni had his first culinary experience on a cruise ship, where he had the opportunity to make acquaintances from all over the world. Rongoni has traveled extensively, including Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, the Azure Coast, Tunisia, and Moscow, where he has worked for over 10 years. Every trip represents a life changing experience for him, from which he has gained valuable experience.

Rongoni’s cuisine is traditional and at the same time innovative and inventive, stemming from his imagination and personal taste, with ingredients that remain firmly Italian. His dishes are always rooted strongly and authentically Italian, without adapting to the tastes of the various countries in which he finds himself.

He describes his passion: “When I arrived here, many chefs were improvising, for example cooking pasta carbonara with cream, because the Russian taste accepted this easily. This is not my way of working. My way is to cook genuine Italian cuisine. Today this is easier because many more Russians have traveled abroad, visiting Italy and eating real Italian food and not their own inventions. So in a way, these changes have facilitated my own work”.

Sauro Scarabotta

Brazil, Friccò Restaurant

Born in 1965 in Gubbio, Umbria, where he graduated from the School of Hospitality of Assisi. In Italy, he worked at the renowned restaurant Locanda dell'Angelo, and took his typical Italian cuisine to major hotel chains like Sheraton and Hyatt, Germany, Japan, Chile and Argentina.

In 1994 he accepted an invitation from Giancarlo Bolla to go to Brazil and work in his restaurants. He started at La Tambouille, then at The Leopoldo, which he left to head the kitchen at Bar des Arts. Still wishing to run his own restaurant he opened in 1997 together with his wife, Rita, the Friccó Ristorante.

Sauro also works actively in the management of ABAGA (Brazilian Association of High Gastronomy), participates in television programs to talk about Italian food and fresh truffles (another family passion since he comes from a family of truffle hunters in Umbria). He's also a consultant for Costa Cruises' Silver Super All'Italiana and the author of the preface of Kithchen of the World: ITALIA.

Antonino Siragusa

Switzerland, Luigia Restaurant

A young chef, Antonino Siragusa boasts numerous valuable experiences in Italian restaurants where he had the opportunity to learn authentic techniques of the traditional Italian gastronomy. For many years he has successfully promoted the cuisine and gastronomy of the Bel Paese, Italy.

Andrea Tranchero

Australia, Modo Mio Restaurant

He represents the new generation of talented Italian chefs who have changed the history of Italian cuisine abroad. He was one of the faces of quality Italian cuisine in Tokyo where he worked in various deservingly well-reputed establishments such as Ristorante Armani.

Andrea has enjoyed successful experiences in other great gastronomy capitals such as Los Angeles and Paris.

In Italy he has worked in various Michelin starred restaurants such as Al Sorriso of Soriso, Novara, Baia Benjamin in Ventimiglia, Imperia and the Sadler in Milan. He worked as Corporate Chef at the River Club Restaurant in Beijing to finally arrive to Burswood, Australia where he lives and works today.

Andrea Tumbarello

Spain, Don Giovanni Restaurant(Casares)

Sicilian by birth, Andrea Tumbarello decided to move to Spain in 2005 after many previous abroad experiences. With this decision he left his shop in Milan to join the restaurant Don Giovanni in Madrid.

In just a few years, Andrea successfully works at the top of the Italian culinary scene in Spain, opening numerous locales across the Iberian peninsula.

Giulio Vierci

Japan, Il Genovese Restaurant

Giulio has a long experience as culinary teacher, chef in 5 star hotels and restaurant owner. He lives and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, where he has owned (and cooked in) his Giulio’s Wine Bar, he recently opened Il genovese.

Born in Liguria, strongly attached to his native land but open minded by nature, after more than 10 years in Japan, while he cooks only Italian, he has become an expert connoisseur of Japanese cuisine too.

Federico Villoni

Egypt, Leonardo Restaurant (Cairo)

Born in Formia, Federico had the honor to work as a part of Gualtiero Marchesi’s culinary team for four years. He then moved to the Four Seasons in Dubai, even though he had already begun his first true restaurant experience in Cairo: here he opened the first pizza bar, broadening the scope of his career and developing his managerial style by opening a more classical restaurant.

In Egypt, he proudly holds the banner of true Italian eno-gastronomy high.

Yoshi Yamada

Japan, Mediterranean Corbin & King's Restaurant

A multi-lingual Economics graduate, Japanese born chef Yoshi Yamada has always being in love with Italy, where he has spent 4 years cooking in top restaurants in Naples (2 Michelin star Don Alfonso), Sardinia and Florence. During this time, he was exposed to a variety of regional cooking styles: Southern Italian, Sardinian, modern Italian seafood and rustic Tuscan trattoria cooking, especially meats and breads.

Some of his dishes have been described as the “apotheosis of delicious simplicity”. In Japan, he worked for L’Atelier de Robuchon and managed the patisserie section of an exclusive Italian restaurant in Tokyo. In the UK, before Tempo, he has worked at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, and after joined the Mediterranean Corbin & King’s St Alban.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Belarus, Falcone Restaurant (Minsk)

The Emilia-Romagna region is known for its internationally famous names: the Lamborghini engineers, the Maserati brothers, and the great Enzo Ferrari. Today, with the arrival of Falcone Restaurant and Chef Giuseppe Zanotti, Belarusians have the opportunity to be introduced to the extraordinary history and culture behind this famous Italian region.

Falcone Restaurant has been known as a culinary mecca for some time now, and not only for its Belarusian bon vivant but also for the expert Italian chefs who hail from all over the world. A short time ago, the charming Sarah Connor found she could not resist a visit to the new Falcone Restaurant: she was enchanted by the dishes that chef Giuseppe Zanotti prepared for her and could not help but return again.