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Grana Padano

International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010: A Worldwide Media Coverage

The last edition of the International Day of Italian Cuisines celebrating authentic Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese had outstanding media coverage in TV, radio, press and online. Below you can find just SOME of the media in which IDIC 2010 was featured (on the left: IDIC 2010 in the German newspaper Stuttgart Zeitung with the chefs Marco Sacco and Roland Schuller, two of the protagonists of the events in Stuttgart).


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Italian chefs campaign for better spaghetti bolognese

Dining Calendar

Italy begins campaign to turn spag bol back into spaghetti bolognese

Italian chefs convene to eat, give awards and make bolognese

Italy in campaign to defend reputation of spaghetti bolognese

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MARIO CARAMELLA Chef Italiano da New York, "il Tagliatelle Day" in tutto il mondo

Romanisztika Tanszék – Romanicarum Linguarum Et Litterarum Cathedra

Tagliatella Tour

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