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Grana Padano

Launching the Global Ola of Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese

On January 14, at the International Culinary Center amphitheatre, lucky guests assisted to a tasty preview of what took place later on, on January 17, in more than 1000 restaurants around the world. The Sfoglina Cinzia Orlandi, patron Davide Minarelli, and chef Valentino Rizzo, from Osteria Bottega Bologna, prepared authentic and quality Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese, the celebrative dish of IDIC 2010. Mario Caramella, GVCI president, illustrated the aim of the initiative and the reason for which Tagliatelle were chosen as the official dish: “Around the world too often this dish is prepared out of the most bizarre ingredients, often with overcooked spaghetti that are sold in a can; stuff that has nothing to do with genuine original tagliatelle al ragù”.

The Special guest of the Launch was Mario Batali. The American chef who, perhaps more than any other, has contributed to acquainting the USA with modern oenogastronomic Italy. Rosario Scarpato introduced Batali saying that “He is a scholar of ragù alla bolognese, having taken his first steps as chef near Bologna and its surrounding province”. A few minutes later, during a live video conference with Bologna, where the IDIC 2010 was simultaneously being launched in a media conference, Batali was declared firstly Honorary Member of the Apostolato della Tagliatella, an association that aims at preserving the authentic tradition of tagliatelle making, and then Culinary Ambassador of Bologna and Emilia Romagna. In Bologna GVCI was represented by Giacomo Gallina, Executive chef of Dolce&Gabbana Gold Restaurant in Milan and GVCI's Vice President, Giovanna Marson, member of the GVCI Board and chef at Prego Restaurant, in the Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai (India), and Aldo Palaoro, one of the most active GVCI associates in Italy.


IDIC 2010 Launch in Bologna