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La Vita è Dolce now in Moscow with Pietro Rongoni’s Tiramisu


Pietro Rongoni’s Tiramisu is the protagonist of the fourth step of La Vita è dolce in Moscow, Russia. Pietro’s Tiramisu is celebrated in the newly open Piccolino Restaurants where the chefs are Alessio Gini and Ezechiele Mattia Barbuto.In the Russian Capital the name of Pietro.

Pietro Rongoni
Alessio Gini
Ezechiele Barbuto

Rongoni, who has been working there for over 11 years, is synonymous not only of great Tiramisu but also of quality traditional Italian Cuisine, which the chef has always promoted in the five establishments in which he has worked at, including La Grotta and Fidelio. “I had to stay only for four months in Moscow,” remembers Pietro. The Milan born chef has taught the secrets of Italian Cuisines to the Russians, plus he has formed a mob of talented young chefs (including Alessio and Ezechiele) who are now cooking everywhere in Moscow and Russia at large. “This makes me proud and I believe that is more important than economic success.” Difficulties were huge when Pietro arrived. “I am an orthodox of Italian Cuisine, I am against shortcuts and counterfeiting and this penalised me,” he says now. “I remember people sending back Carbonara because there was no cream, but Carbonara has no cream, without ifs or buts.” He stubbornly kept making Carbonara the right way. “So today, finally, Russians understand what it has to be in order to be Carbonara; actually they laugh now when they see the horrible versions made with cream.”The same has happened with Risotto. Pietro has made it since the beginning the way it should be done. “In any restaurant I have worked at, I had at least eight risottos on the menu.”In 2007 a journalist called him “the genius of Risotto.”

Moscow- The Kremlin

Pietro is almost 60 but as he says “his spirit and will” are the same as when he started. In a couple of months he will launch a new venture in Russia; “I will call the new restaurant Serenata, and once again, it will be a hymn to the great Italian culinary tradition,” he promises. And of course, Tiramisu will be – once again – the king of desserts.