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Grana Padano

17.01.2009 – An unforgettable International Day of Italian Cuisines

Mario Caramella
Mario Caramella

“It has really been an unforgettable day”, says Giulio Vierci, chef and owner of Giulio’s Wine Bar in Sapporo, Japan. “Our clients greatly appreciated the mythical risotto alla milanese”, adds Armando Capochiani, chef at Venexia Restaurant in Shanghai, China. “A great success”, confirms Emanuele Esposito, executive chef of il Villaggio, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who prepared the risotto not in the kitchen but in the restaurant lounge in front of his clients as many of his colleagues around the world did.

These are the comments of just three of the hundreds chefs who participated in the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) last January 17th. “We are very happy about how the celebration has gone”, says Mario Caramella, GVCI President and Executive Chef from Bali, Indonesia. He adds: “I want to thank the hundreds chefs, the thousands of cooks, kitchen assistants and waiters for making this unique event in over 50 countries possible.” “Moreover, we are very grateful to the restaurant customers everywhere for understanding and enthusiastically sharing the spirit of the day”, says Rosario Scarpato, itchefs-gvci.com managing editor, who managed the communications of the event.